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Today, thanks to the technologies used and the absence of printed documents mentioning the credit card number in plain text, online payments are as secure as a payments made by credit card in any point of sale.

All the payment phases realized between the buyer and PAYBOX are fully encrypted and protected.

That means that the informations related to the order and the number of the credit card never circulate in clear on the Internet.

The credit card number is not printed on any paper, invoice, or other listing and does not appear in any e-mail, back office or file.
The seller is not aware of the card numbers.

For each payment request, the buyer is redirected from the merchant server, to the PAYBOX payment server, in connection with the banking infrastructures.

The buyer arrives on an encrypted payment page, inputs its card number, date of validity and visual cryptogram. Then an authorization request is sent.

The link between the buyer and the PAYBOX server is established by HTTPS, a secured protocol which encrypts all the information exchanged. This protection protects the data sent on the Internet and guarantees to the buyer that his card number can not be intercepted in clear by a third party during its transfer to PAYBOX secured server.The PAYBOX home page informs the buyer about its purchase, displaying the name and informations of the merchant (which guarantee that the trade has been authenticated).

When the card number has passed a first level of control (Luhn's key, oppositions, etc.), a real-time authentication request can be sent to the buyer's bank. Then PAYBOX servers issue a request to the bank to which the seller is affiliated. This is achieved by using standardized banking protocols on a specialized telecommunications network.

The authorization center of the bank returns either an authorization number or a refusal. If the payment is accepted, PAYBOX performs the following operations:
- The payment ticket is displayed on the buyer's screen (optional)
- The payment ticket is sent by e-mail to the buyer and to the seller
- The card number is NEVER returned to the seller.
The buyer is then automatically redirected to the seller's server, where he can resume the course of his visit

A particular process, developed by PAYBOX, allows PAYBOX to monitor the behavior of the bearer in real time, in order to avoid the use of PAYBOX payment server as an automatically-generated cards number tester, also preventing other types of attacks.




At the moment the buyer is redirected to the payment page, the beginning of the address "http: // www" indicated at the top of the screen changes to "https: // www". The "S" following "http" indicates that the communication is protected.

A closed padlock appears next to the url in the navigation software.








Your data remains secret


With PayPal, you will not have to reveal your card numbers or bank details during your online shopping. Simply enter your email address and password to confirm your payments. If you forget your credentials, you can retrieve them with your secret questions. Of course, you can also call the PAYPAL services


Opposition to payments


When a buyer asks the issuer of his / her credit card to cancel a payment already made, PAYPAL will help you and guide you through the resolution procedure, whether it is an unauthorized transaction or Buyer who has not received its object.

At your side 24 hours a day


PAYPAL monitors your transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week to combat fraud, phishing and identity theft. Each payment is secured by a high-level encryption system. If an item appears suspicious, PAYPAL specialists intervene immediately to prevent any type of fraud.

The world belongs to you


Wherever you go shopping, in France or abroad, your transactions are always as secure. Buy peace of mind in 203 countries and regions. It's your turn!

secured payment