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For orders placed before 1 pm (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), parcels will be dispatched the same day. In your customer area a tracking link will automatically appear and allow you to view the status of the delivery of your order online.

Shipping costs include the preparation of your order, packaging and postal charges. They vary depending on the price of your order and your Postal address.




The tracking of your order will be accessible at any time from your customer account.





Your packages will be professionally wrapped and done with the utmost attention. However, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the carrier.








MY HOME: Delivery to your home without signature in 48h for any order placed before 14 hours (Except Saturday, Sunday and holidays).


MY POST OFFICE: Delivery to your post office in 48 hours for all orders placed before 14 hours (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays). Delivery in one of the 10,000 La Poste withdrawal points. You will be informed of the availability of your package by SMS and email. You will receive a code allowing you to pick it up at the La Poste pick-up point within 10 working days. After this period, your package may be returned to the sender. 


MY PICK UP: Delivery at your store in 48 hours for all orders placed before 14 hours (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays). Delivery to a merchant near your address. With SO COLISSIMO, you can choose one of the 4200 retailers of the PICKUP Network, Groupe La Poste, whether it is close to your home, your workplace or the place where you stay. You will be informed of the arrival of your package by email. You will have 10 working days to remove it. After this time your parcel will be returned to sender.


Commande inférieure à 59,90 € :  5,90 €

Commande supérieure à 59,90€ :  OFFERTE

Commande inférieure à 59,90 € : 6,46 €

Commande supérieure à 59,90€ : OFFERTE


(Commerçants du réseau PICKUP, Groupe La Poste)

Commande inférieure à 59,90 € :  4,66 €

Commande supérieure à 59,90€ :  OFFERTE






Home delivery / collect your package at a shop/ post office

Order lower than 59,90 €: 6,78 €

Order over 59,90 €: FREE





Delivery requires the signature of the recipient

Indicative delivery time: D + 3 to D + 8 (Commitment of delay to 18 destinations)

Order over 119, 90 € : free of charge




Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 5

Zone 6


13,70 €

13,80 €

16,40 €

22,40 €

27,80 €

Zone 1 : Allemagne, Belgique, Pays-Bas, Luxembourg.

Zone 2 : Royaume-Uni, Irlande, Italie, Espagne**, Portugal**, Suisse, Autriche.

Zone 3 : Danemark, Hongrie, Pologne, République-Tchèque, Slovaquie, Slovénie, Estonie, Lettonie, Lituanie.

Zone 4 : Greece, Island, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Maghrib, 
Spain et Portugal (Canaries, Baléares, Ceuta, Melilla, Açores, Madères), autres pays d’Europe de l’Est.

Zone 5 : United States, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Hong-Kong, Singapor, South Corea, Thaïland, Taïwan, Viet Nam, India, Russia, Israël.

Zone 6 : Africa (hors Maghreb), Middle East, South and Central América 




Note to our dear SWISS friends:




For an order made from Switzerland, VAPECITYSHOP can not be held responsible for any blockage of your package. We invite you to inquire about how to import E-Liquide into Switzerland before placing an order.

If the marketing of E-Liquid containing nicotine is prohibited in Switzerland, the purchase of these products on the Internet is perfectly legal. There is, however, a limit to this freedom: the maximum amount of nicotine allowed for personal use by Swiss customs is 150ml. In the event of customs clearance, you will not be compensated.
To avoid any problems with customs, we recommend that you do not exceed 150ml of E-Liquid (containing nicotine) per order. We remain at your disposal for any further information .