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The PODs

A new type of electronic cigarette

The world of vaping has evolved a lot in recent years and today offers many types of machines to Vapoteurs. PODs are the latest revolution in date: electronic cigarettes called PODs are small, high-performance devices that often allow smokers to successfully accompany them in their transition. PODs are discreet, effective electronic cigarettes, often prized by fans of E-Liquid with nicotine salts and CBD , for which they are perfectly suited and whose properties they respect.

PODs generally offer a tight draft, limited power, and therefore offer sensations close to traditional cigarettes. They represent an inexpensive and effective weaning aid for beginners, and for more experienced Vapors a certain discretion for use in particular circumstances.

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GTX COILS - VAPORESSO: The GTX 0.2Ω and 0.3Ω coils are made for the POD PM80 from VAPORESSO. They have a mesh structure which is best for a direct draw but also allows a very pleasing indirect draw.

- Sold individually or in pack of 5 pcs

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CARTRIDGE TARGET PM80 VAPORESSO: Replacement cartridges for POD TARGET PM80 from VAPORESSO, original and perfectly identical to the one delivered with the POD TARGET Kit. With a capacity of 4 ml those cartridges can allow you to replace a damaged one or to have several interchangeable cartridges for the consumption of different flavors.

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TAROT NANO BY VAPORESSO KIT: Finally a POD with all the qualities of a real electronic cigarette! A particularly successful design with a compact format, well-chosen materials, substantial autonomy, VAPORESSO comes out with the POD TARGET PM80, an excellent compromise between two generations of electronic cigarettes.

A power of 80w max, automatic coil recognition thanks to the high-performance AXON chipset, a superb TFT color screen, cartridges with a capacity of 4 ml allowing easy filling, high-performance coils, the POD TARGET PM80 kit has everything for establish itself as a benchmark into the POD market.


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