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The E-liquid "Made In Malaysia" arrived on the French market in early 2013, experiencing an immediate success that has continued to be verified. The main reason is the quality of their aromas, extremely rich and powerful, offering lively and inimitable flavors, mainly in the segment of "fresh fruity" mono-aromas like: Mango, Blackcurrant, Lemon pineapple etc.

Among the E-liquids Malaysian CLOUD NINERS is a brand that immediately distinguished itself by the quality of its products and the intensity of its flavors.

About packaging CLOUD NINERS has continued to evolve, distinguishing itself from the competition, particularly with its "STREET ART" inspired logo and white PET bottles giving it a distinct identity.

The ingredients used in the manufacture of e-liquids CLOUD NINERS (propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine) are premium quality, allowing the brand to pass the tests necessary to enter the European market and meet the standards after the transition to TPD.

CLOUD NINERS E-liquids are marketed in Europe by VAPE SAUCE. They are proposed in 10 ml format with 3 mg of nicotine, or in 50 ml overboost in flavor of 10%, in a bottle of the type "Chubby Gorilla" of 60 ml, which can receive a booster of nicotine.

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